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Single Wall Storage Boxes > 580 x 190 x 150 - 15 Base and Lids Single Wall Plain

580 x 190 x 150 - 15 Base and Lids Single Wall Plain

This is a plain Base and Lid, that is 15 complete boxes, which is 15 bases and 15 lids totalling 30 items that has never been used but has been stored for a while so many not be in pristine condition
The boxes come flat packed so easy to store and quick to put to together when needed so there is no waste on production time
Ideal box for storing or sending boots sending flowers, storing paper work, would fit several pairs of shoes, sending packages from internet sites or businesses lots of various uses, ideal box to be used in the poultry industry also.
Measurements are 580 x 190 x 150mm
150 WT- B - 150T FENCO 0330
This will make up 15 complete boxes (as per picture) of the bases and the lids making a complete box 80p for a unit of 30 boxes
If you purchase the two for x, 60 units, 30 bases and 30 lids, this brings down the price to 76p per box, Making 30 complete boxes of base and lids. (As per picture)



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