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Solid Board Packaging > Keepsake, Storage, Ebay 505 x 396 x 130 Lid

Keepsake, Storage, Ebay 505 x 396 x 130 Lid

This is solid board Lid White in colour, this requires a Base to make a full carton/box. Avaliable also on line.

This is an excellecent product for under the bed storage box, archiving files, Baby Keepsake Boxes
Birthday Keepsake Boxes Wedding Keepsake Boxes and all other Keepsake Boxes and can be personalised by yourself to make it special to you, or made for some one else for an thoughtful gift.

This is also an brilliant size box for sending items through the post such as birthday, wedding,christening,box you could also use it for sending items that have been sold on ebay, and other internet sites

130 lid

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