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Wardrobe Storage Removal Boxes & Bars > 1 Small Wardrobe Carton 20x18x40 & Plastic Rail

1 Small Wardrobe Carton 20x18x40 & Plastic Rail

Ideal for hanging seasonal clothing and storing in a spare room or loft. So it is still easily obtainable but not taking valuable wardrobe space up
excellent product for house removals especially if you are going from fitted to flat pack wardrobes as you will not have time on the moving day to make up wardrobes so your clothes can be transited and stored crease free and in all in one place saving time and space
20 x 18 x 40
including plastic rail

this product can is also avaliable in pallets and half pallets if you require larger amounts please contact us and we will arrange a price and delivery charge for you.


nationwide delivery

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