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Other Packaging Products

Tapes / Strapping / Tape Guns / Storage Tape

This is the section where you will be able to locate various sizes and colours of tapes, tape guns, storage tape and strapping machines.
If we do not have items in stock that you require or you wish to order a larger quantity, please contact us via email and we will offer larger discounts for you.

Bubble Wrap & Corrugated Rolls

Here we offer various sizes of bubble wrap and quanities.
Bubble wrap is ideal for sending parcels or storing parcels and keep your goods in pristine condition and preventing breakages. Ideal if moving house or offices.You can also offer the corrugated roll in this section.

Black /Builders/Garden Sacks/Bags

Here you will be able to search for the following items
Black sacks/ Bin Bags
Builders rubble sacks
Gardeners heavey duty green sacks
Plastic sheeting/Coverings

Tissue Paper / Void Fill

Ideal for wrapping and prevent damage for moving products whilst wrapped or enclosed in boxes.
Used to wrap and protect gifts, merchanidise, jewellery, shoes, boots etc.
In this catagory you will find acid free tissue paper in various sizes and colours and sold in packs of reams (500 sheets).

Mailing Bags & Plastic Postage Bags

Here you will find a wide range of goods for all of your mailing needs. Plastic postage bags are ideal to prevent water damage and to protect your goods whilst in transit to your customers.
We also supply mailing bags if you require additional protection to your item whilst it is in the post.

Plastic Carrier Bags & Carriers

Here you will be able to search a vast variety of plastic carrier bags, plastic and paper designs. We can arrange to have print put on the design but this will not be a click and buy service. Please use the contact us and we can even offer a design service for you.

Bottle Bag/Carrier with a Rope Handle Hologram Design

Here you will be abale to search and buy Bottle gift packs. 1 bag will hold wine or champagne bottles up to 90 x 350 mm.
Bottle gift packs are mixed with 3 colours of Red, Silver and Gold and are supplied flat, no packing tape is required for assembly.

Brown & White Kraft Paper Bags

Here is where you will be able to search our range of Brown and White Kraft Paper Bags, ideal for lunch bags or take away bags.

White Greaseproof Paper Bags/ Foiled Lined (Chicken) Bags

Here is where you will be able to search and purchase various sizes of grease proof paper bags.
You can also purchase foiled lined bags ideal for chicken or meat that you would like to keep warm.

Random Patterned Paper Bags & Pick & Mix Bag

Here you will be able to browse and purchase Heavy Quality Thick Random Patterned Bags with a selection of sizes to chose from.
There is a variety of patterns and Colours within the Pack. (we can not guarantee these bags are colourfast)We also offer a Pick and mix, ball and stripe design.

Film Fronted Paper Bags

Film Fronted Paper Bags Clear P/Prop Front and white back can be purchased here. We also list Film fronted Pearlised Back bags. These bags are ideal for sweet, cakes, craft or jewellery shops.

Documents Enclosed

Here is where you will be able to purchase your documents enclosed pouches. Using this method to send your pouches gives a clear and consistant address making sure that the item is received with the address readable and smudge free.

Clear Cellophane Wrap Florist Bouquet/Gift /Hamper/Basket

Here you will b able to search for a cellophane wrap which can be used to wrap gifts make your own unique hampers with your store products.
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